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Decorative aggregate in Yorkshire

Give your garden a contemporary look with aggregate.

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2015-01-29 21:21:55

What kind of aggregate do you want? How much do you need?
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An aggregate driveway

Thinking of redoing your garden?

Looking for a simple way to add something different to your garden? Aggregate is a versatile alternative, which is both durable and low-maintenance. You can create a natural, rustic effect with slate, or use bark for a cushioned area for kids to play in. The choice is yours. You tell us what you need and how much you need, and we’ll provide.

An aggregate and flagstone garden path

What kind of aggregate do you need?

  • Garden pebbles: brilliant for ponds and certain kinds of flowerbeds, these smooth pebbles can create a sophisticated and alternative look for your garden
  • Decorative slate: slate is easy to walk on and a versatile decoration, bringing the feel of wild mountains and moors right to your garden
  • Grit sand: ideal for when you’re laying a patio or some paving as it keeps them level, it can also be added to compost if your plants need extra drainage
  • Bark chippings: perfect for soft play areas and adding character to your flowerbeds with a decorative top layer
  • We also supply rock salt throughout the winter
An aggregate garden path

Site surveys and turf available

Not sure how much aggregate you need? Our quotes can come with a site survey so we can help you figure it out. This will ensure that you get exactly as much as you need, and you can get advice on how to best use the aggregate in your project. If you want us to supply turf to relay your lawn at the same time, or if you want us to do the turf laying, we can do it all at the same time.

The aggregate driveway of a rural house

Prepare your land for aggregates

Looking for a change of style? If you want to switch from lawn to aggregate, or from aggregate to lawn, give us a call. We can help dig up the old turf and prepare the ground for whatever surface you want to lay. This will ensure that you get an even finish.

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